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We Message relies on a different method to link you to the i Message network – having an Apple Mac.

The brilliant invention was created by 16-year-old developer Roman Scott.

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Teens have more freedom at an earlier age nowadays.

They have more opportunities to explore the virtual world, thanks to the always-connected society we live in.

You can even put together a group chat – and up until now Android users could not join the party.

The new app we Message works surprisingly well with Android phones – and will allow green-bubble users to join their friends.

We Message can handle group chats, images, videos, animation effects and you can even enable Read Receipts.

The secure app is also encrypted – so you don’t need to worry about your private conversations being leaked.

Before you go any further you will beed to customise your System Preferences to give the software Terminal rights. When you are at this point you should click the lock icon and enter your password.

Then, press the sign and locate your Terminal app – then select open.

i Message is a closed messaging system meant solely for Apple products – i Phones, Macs, Apple watches and i Pads.

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