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The bottom photo shows a baby blue full size chenille blanket (shown on a king size bed). Travel Quilt This travel quilt includes photos and t-shirts from places this young boy has visited. Each quilt has a personality all of its own that can evoke strong memories and make us closer to the people we love and want to remember.

These are beautiful thick chenille with cotton batting and flannel backs - and they are quilted together to make nice warm blankets. His mom sent me the t-shirts, and wanted embroidered names of the states where they had traveled. We all have special gifts Photo Lap Quilt This quilt has 14 photos with a sashing and a border. Photo Wallhanging This quilt has 16 photos with a sashing and a border. "Pam agreed to make a quilt for us on short notice due to terminal illness.

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Throughout you were responsive, professional and most important - caring. The top photo shows the entire quilt, and the bottom photo shows a close up of the detail in the pattern. At the gathering, each person shared their advice for Josh and assured him that he had family and friends around him. Josh's grandmother started the quilt, and Original Quilts finished the quilt. This is a great way to take memories from favorite shirts and display them as a quilt for all to enjoy. It was given as a gift to the grandparents of the family. This quilt was made as a usable quilt for the family to cuddle up in. Photo Quilt This photo quilt has four 8" x 10" photos with a sashing and a border.

If you click on the top photo you can see close up the embroidery that says "The Noble Family 2001". There is also a loop sewn on back for easy hanging with a rod. Also, the blue, mauve, and maroon fabrics used are all hand dyed fabrics by the quilt artist.

I’m over think things so choosing between two places to eat on Sunday afternoon when church lets out is something I try to avoid every single week. Well, because I take many things into consideration. You know, a movie, popcorn, coke, candy, all in a cute little bag and ready for “date night” at home?

BUT, I thought, why don’t I do something creative and inexpensive for him so that he can have something on Valentine’s day.

Then the quilt was completed into a twin size quilt. We especially love the details, like the quilted squares in the borders." Bible Quilt This quilt is for a girl in Rainbow Girls. Ok, so I have to write that this is the longest project I have ever worked on! This large lap quilt has a beautiful table runner down the center and beading/lace from my clients wedding dress in all four corners and borders. It is a beautiful Wedding quilt - and will be a keepsake for this bride! He picked out the fabrics, and designed the layout for the quilt. They had traveled and gone to many memorable events. "Working with Pam on this project was a real pleasure.

Each of her friends gave their favorite bible verse - they were all embroidered onto blocks and placed around the center block. My client send these ties to me in 2002, and we are now 2006! I enjoyed this project, but it was labor of love - ties are much harder to work with than anticipated! The diamonds on each side include pieces of baby clothing as well as the darker inside border. We included photos, and tickets of the events that they attended together. She had tons of creative ideas, but always kept in mind that it was "my" quilt and shared those ideas with me.

The names of each member of the family is embroidered in the middle sashing. Julia's Memory Quilt Julia's mom saved all her special clothing from her first 4 years.

Included in this quilt are; the outfit from her first Christmas, the t-shirt she wore when coming home from the hospital, favorite t-shirts, jeans, dresses, and even her first sleeper. Over 70 pieces were combined to make this memorable quilt for Julia.

The process is very thorough, efficient, and professional while adding a personal touch." 75th Birthday Photo Quilt This quilt was made for a 75th birthday present.

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