Accomodating vs stubborn personality russell brand dating history

Even though Nines experience a range of intense feelings, they project an even-tempered and easy-going demeanour.

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It is important to keep in mind that different Enneagram styles may display similar behaviour.

The Enneagram styles are not based on behaviour alone, and outward behaviour can be deceiving when exploring the Enneagram.

They will rarely express the thoughts and self-talk that they engage in with others as they do not want to “subject” them to these thoughts lest it weighs them down.

Nines may be resigned to being slightly dissatisfied with certain aspects of their life or relationships.

They offer the gift of right, sustainable action to themselves and the world around them.

Less-healthy Nines may be experienced as procrastinating, stubborn and self-denying.This may take the form of adopting the habits, hobbies, interests or even emotions of the people in their intimate space.Nines like structured processes, clarity and details and will, therefore, create procedures or habits very quickly.They are also likely to be adept at organizing large volumes of information or detail into a coherent structure.A Nine may be more hard-headed and stubborn than people who don’t know them may realise.This stems from a pattern of going along to get along with others and the eventual discomfort that arises when this strategy is not satisfying.


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