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AAAII networks, shares resources and provides support to its membership.Contact information for several Inns are listed as well as other African American travel related links.There are three sections to this site: African Stock Markets, African Capital Markets, African Travel.

Their aim is to be the single most important destination on the information superhighway: a place where the African world community can come each day to feed their minds and souls with uplifting information and inspiration; a place to meet and chat with each other and to engage in commerce.

Black World Today The Black World Today provides news, e-commerce, and communication resources focused on the African world community.

Netnoir Netnoir is an African American Search Engine, similar to Netscape, Yahoo, etc., with an African American theme.

It covers everything: news and information, art, business, travel, education, sports, women, kids, health, etc.

The Black Film and Video Network is the only association for Black filmmakers in Canada.

MELANET is the platform for intellectual, economic and spiritual expression of peoples throughout the African Diaspora.

We also welcome news about you and your business, trade association, career moves, honors, awards and other interesting business developments.

African American Association of Innkeepers International (AAAII) The aim of this site is to increase the awareness of African American owned inns and to serve as a resource for aspiring Innkeepers of color.

In spite of the giant strides Black people have made in Britain, it remains a disgraceful fact that their talents remain under-utilized.

One of the aims of this site is to tell the ongoing story of changing life here in Britain and around the world from a Black perspective and their vantage point as new media pioneers.

Black Seek Black Index Nubian Soul The African Everything Black Black Quest Community... A Los Angeles-based site concerning the African American Community.


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