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We were asked to write on a note card something we would work on over the next several months.The authors collected the cards and promised that they would be reaching out to check on our progress.

But as I reflected on this back at Forum 2017, I didn’t feel like I was being as intentional about my belief in love.

I was rushing through things to get to the next thing.

I wasn’t being intentional about showing care and love to others at home and at work.

And the worst of it, I had to face a hard fact that I’d known but couldn’t turn away from after the Forum: I’d turned into a bit of a complainer.

I try to make others feel good about themselves and their work.

I keep my door open to listen and provide feedback or assistance when needed.

"There was an unmistakable crack of a firearm..another and another. Customers and employees seeking cover and darting for the exits. one hollers, followed by more screams and shots..." Unfortunately, this scene is playing out in more and more businesses, government agencies, and in public spaces around the country.

With economic turmoil shattering lives, we can only expect these crises to grow and pose an ever-increasing challenge for leaders.

As a brief demonstration of the application of the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® to crisis leadership, I offer the following: Model the Way: In my experience as a leader in business and the military, the quickest way to lose your leadership credentials is to not demonstrate balance in a crisis.

Instead of calmly addressing a crisis at hand, the inept crisis leader will lose control of his/her actions, temper, emotions, or awareness.

Jim had spoken earlier of the importance of love and leadership, and I reflected on all the kindness, generosity, and camaraderie I had experienced over the course of those few days. So, I wrote on my card that I was going to be more intentional about leading with love, and then I caught a plane back to Denver.

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