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Phelps resigned from the board of trustees in December 2011, just days before the rally.

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is an eye opener to the extend of the sexual abuse epidemic in many Protestant Churches and schools.

By this article, we do not want to undermine Catholic abuses by Catholic priests whom we feel should also be burned at the stake, but its time to fess up, and before we pull the plank out of the eye in our Catholic brothers, Protestants should first see the plank in their eye.

Before he came to fame, Graham was a Bob Jones University dropout who Bob Jones Sr.

said would never amount to more than a “poor country Baptist preacher somewhere out in the sticks.” Though the two later became friends, they split again in 1957 over Graham’s revival crusades—in particular, a crusade at Madison Square Garden that Jones, who’d warned Graham to avoid cities and politicians, condemned as too ecumenical and accommodating to modern society.

Over the following months, alumni pressured the university to update its policies and investigate the school’s handling of abuse reports.

They urged the university to hire GRACE, which had investigated allegations of sex abuse in two Christian missionary groups.

While Bob Jones was for decades the choice destination for conservative Christian students, enrollment at the school was dropping: down about 10 percent in the last decade and nearly 25 percent since its heyday in the early 1980s.

Alumni blogs published pictures of what used to be an overflowing chapel, now left with hundreds of empty seats; two dorms are scheduled to be demolished this summer.

Bob Jones, founded in 1927, isn’t just any conservative Christian college; it’s the de facto center of the national Independent Fundamental Baptist network, which functions almost as a denomination unto itself, with thousands of affiliated churches, feeder schools, and businesses including Bob Jones’s textbook company, radio station, and music publisher.


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