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Diabetes Health published this article in its October 2004 issue.The URL is Comes before Accuracy" means that an accurate meter isn't worth anything unless it is precise.

Just because baked Russet Burbank potatoes are so high glycemic, you don’t have to forsake all potatoes. See of my articles on the glycemic index appeared on the American Diabetes Association's Web site.

While the ADA has not often been especially friendly to the glycemic index concept, I featured Jennie Brand-Miller's Glycemic site in my "About the Internet" column. Wolever, "The Glycemic Index: Flogging a Dead Horse?

The URL is foods that have a quite small amount of available carbohydrate aren’t listed on the glycemic index lists, and some people wonder why. " is not a Web page that I wrote, but his rticle is otherwise unavailable on the Web and is reproduced here with his permission: Patti Geil's article "From Jelly Beans to Kidney Beans" is an outstanding article on the glycemic index that is otherwise unavailable on the Web and is reproduced here with her permission: treating the body as a machine and characterizing the relationships between input (food) and output (blood glucose), Derek Paice, a research engineer who has had type 2 diabetes for more than eight years, was able to get excellent control of his diabetes by diet alone. Paice developed an alternative method to glycemic index for characterizing the glucose-raising effect of food.

It’s because they are the “free foods.” They don’t have much impact on your blood sugar level. This "substance glycemic index" is based on a fixed weight of foods, independently of its composition in terms of carbohydrate, protein, and fat.

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Diabetes Health published this article in its November 2004 issue.

The URL is Noninvasive Dream" is to have some sort of beam that would test blood glucose without breaking the skin to take a drop of blood. Diabetes Health published this article in its January 2005 issue.

Correspondents Ralph Brown, Steve Dryja, and Mike Leach all contributed to

It shows the Glycemic Index, the Glycemic Load, Diabetic Carb Choices, Serving Size in grams, Serving Size in ounces, and Available Carbohydrates per Serving for each tested food.

I am a freelance journalist and consultant specializing in writing about diabetes, which I have. I mirror those articles at The pages on my site most consulted by members of the Internet community are 16 pages that comprise "On-line Diabetes Resources." These pages are links to all the substantive resources on-line for people with diabetes.


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