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Scan your CVS card at the big red coupon center and you’ll get a coupon to make a Pepsi or Diet Pepsi 12 pack cost 99¢!

There is a limit of 1 at this price and it is only good on Wednesday 6/15.

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From 1 January 2017 "If you are serving on board ship and are qualified in any of the following you must, as of the 1 January 2017, have documentary evidence of either completing the training course or updating training within the last 5 years" Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting; Advanced Fire Fighting; Personal Survival Techniques; Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (other than Fast Rescue Boats); and Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats.

In addition, seafarers revalidating their MCA Co C will have to submit certificates to show that either the courses listed above have been completed within the past five years or that updating (also known as 'refresher') training has been undertaken.

The Manila Amendments to the STCW Convention (STCW 2010) bring about a number of changes.

One of the most significant amendments is the requirement for all seafarers to update some elements of the mandatory STCW safety training.

This deal was mass emailed out by CVS this afternoon, if you didn’t get it don’t worry just scan your card anyway!

While you are there check out all the other deals in the store this week.

But here’s another problem: Pkgsrc doesn’t seem to keep older releases around and I also haven’t found them mirrored anywhere on the net. Since we don’t control the server, there’s also no way to just add a parameter or something to make it work. Time to get CVS on my slightly more modern Free BSD 11, do the checkout there and tar it all up to copy it over via !

We’re going to get 2007Q2 instead, though, since we need things that won’t work on Free BSD 4.11 with later versions.

Individual updating courses are run on a regular basis throughout the year.


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