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This forest type was not fully established until c.11,250 cal BP and if substantiated by further evidence, may be one of the reasons why there are no known early Maglemose/Preboreal settlement sites in southern Scandinavia.

Danish girls don’t like masculinity, cockiness, or outspoken guys.

Because of Jante Law, any attempt on your part to even indirectly show that you’re more experienced, knowledgeable, or smarter than her will terminate the interaction.

She has the belief that everyone is a completely unique snowflake and any attempt to generalize is wrong and offensive.

The irony of this is that Danish people are so incredibly homogenous and alike due to Denmark being a strong conformist culture that they’re the easiest people to generalize about.

A pollen based palaeoenvironmental reconstruction suggests that the ritual offerings were deposited in an environment of limited, underdeveloped forest with unstable soils and areas of open grassland.

The settlement waste deposit is associated with a more developed Preboreal forest type.When girls told me not to generalize, and I noticed that they were basically carbon copies of one another, I concluded it was a case of .If you interact with one Danish girl, you might as well have interacted with them all.Lundby Mose is a former kettle hole lake in southern Denmark where the earliest Danish human traces of the Holocene were excavated.Two types of bone deposits were found, 1) ritual offerings of worked, marrow-split elk bones and antler and 2) settlement waste with multiple species. They don’t know how to treat you well, cook for you, or make you laugh. She won’t go out of her way to make you feel like a man. there, wasting space in a bar that could be better used by the cute foreign hookers mingling right outside.

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