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Dating can be tough for those who are enthusiastic about video games.

Even if we ignore the social stigma that surrounds “gamers” and “gamer culture”—which certainly doesn’t make finding a companion any easier—there’s still one big obstacle: game enthusiasts are a niche market.

But gamers deserve love too, and several sites have popped up over the years that can help gamers find romantic partners who also share a love for video games.

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I’m not linking to their sites, mostly because I can’t be bothered with the “you’re just giving them the attention they want” complaints, when what I actually want to do is highlight that these people are shits, and that being a gamer who has not had sex is a perfectly normal and acceptable thing. There are five tawdry videos released to promote the site, in which two women in revealing t-shirts awkwardly read out an astonishingly sexist script. Their “please don’t kill my family” delivery goes on to give some of the most banal advice imaginable (“Leave the Hawaiian shirt at home.”), intercut with shots of the women’s breasts, and smacking their own bottoms.

And as such they’ve created a series of videos explaining to gamers how to get dates/laid.

Cuddli also lets you put interest icons on your profiles to identify what, specifically, makes you geek out.

Then when you see your matches, any shared interests are highlighted to make flipping through them faster.

If you end up hitting it off with someone and want to make it official, the app can be switched into couples mode.

That allows you to keep chatting with each other (so all your romantic history isn't lost), but it doesn't let you match or chat with anyone else.That reduces the odds that anyone will creepily obsess over you or try to reach out without your consent.You also have to respond to existing match requests before you can start matching with new people.I’ve embedded by far the most verbally offensive, and the least visually naughty video below. movie the second it comes out or maybe engaging in a little light cosplay? Cuddli wants to help you meet and fall for your fellow geeks.Right now their biggest concentration of users are on the west coast (and in Spain, oddly enough), but it’s available globally.


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