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This fear can be devastating, but understanding it is the first step toward resolving it.

Object constancy may be interrupted by traumatic events.

Death or divorce are common causes, but even situations that seem relatively unimportant to the adults involved may affect developing this critical understanding.

We each have a personal myth as well, one that is not shared with others but resides deep within the core of our beings.

This personal myth is made up of our interpretations of the collective unconscious through the filters of our own experiences.

Infants learn that mommy or daddy goes to work and then comes home.

He or she does not stop loving the child just because they are separated for a few hours.

Even if your object constancy is intact and you are not affected by overarching myths or archetypes, you may have been abandoned at some point in your life. Transitions occur when high school or college ends, people start getting married and new babies take priority.

By the time we are adults, most of us have been through the death of a loved one. Although most of us adapt to changing circumstances, it is not uncommon to get stuck somewhere in the grief process.

Either way, I have found that people with a fear of abandonment often follow one of a few basic patterns.


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