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His nephew’s presence forces Pedro to take a break from his otherwise extremely active sex life.

In fact, Pedro was beginning to tire of the superficial nature of his many relationships.

When his grandmother goes to visit him later on, revealing Pedro's HIV status (despite their previous agreement), Bernardo reveals that he already knew from his mother, and that his mother was HIV positive as well.

She then reveals that he is in the hospital with pneumonia.

Many of these historic homes have been transformed into quaint B&Bs, converted into stylish condominiums, or renovated into magnificent ocean side homes.

Provincetown Lodging, Real Estate Rentals Provincetown Bears hosts 9 days and nights of pool parties, beach outings, dance parties and leather events.

Although Provincetown is located at the very tip of Cape Cod, it is easily accessible by car, bus, ferry, and air.

Provincetown is a two and a half hour drive from Providence and Providence’s T. Green Airport and a two and a half hour drive from Boston and Boston’s Logan Airport. Provincetown boasts beautiful homes deep in history of it's former Portuguese fishing days.

We work with local club managers to program different music and an atmosphere for a week of parties.

We also allow time to relax and have a true vacation.

She may be facing a prison sentence of thirty years, so the embassy informs Pedro.

Pedro is just as shocked at this news as Bernardo; nevertheless, he realizes that he is now responsible for the boy.

For one, there is Doña Teresa, Bernardo’s paternal grandmother, who one day darkens Pedro’s door and puts the emotional screws on him.


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