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Mr Malpass said the girls were scared of being exposed and obeyed Wilson's increasingly pornographic requests.'The accused gave one girl an instruction to [perform a sex act] in her school uniform,' Mr Malpass said.'She stated he was making her feel suicidal but he reminded her of his threat and continued to pressure her into sending further videos.'Wilson, who attended the High School of Dundee and lives in a seven-bedroom £1.25million mansion, sat with his head in his hands as the offences were narrated in court.

In less than a year he sent 450 messages claiming her would expose his victims, who lived across the UK.

Wilson, who lives with his parents in Woodlands, Longforgan, admitted a catalogue of revenge porn extortion and child pornography distribution charges at Perth Sheriff Court today.

He said Wilson would then persuade the girls to send pictures of themselves in various states of undress.

After obtaining one explicit photo, he threatened to send it to friends and family if they did not comply with his requests.

Mr Malpass said Wilson had told victims: 'You have two options. Block me, delete me, report me, tell your parents - do any of these things and I press the send button.'Everyone you know will see everything and your friends and family will think of you as a s***.' He told one victim: 'I don't want to ruin your life, but I will if you make me.'Mr Malpass said a search of the devices at Wilson's home showed he had made videos available on Skype for other paedophiles.

He targeted children from as far afield as London, Wales, Sheffield, Derby, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

He 'directed' another using the pseudonym Alex Moore and told her to give her name and age and say: 'I'm Alex's little girl.' Wilson told one girl that unless she obeyed his increasingly explicit requests, he would send the photos to her family and they would think she was a 's***'.

Wilson initially pretended to be a similar age to his victims but them began to threaten them.

Mc Cormack, 43, pleaded guilty to two charges of transmitting, producing or publishing child pornography material via a carriage service on Tuesday.

An agreed statement of facts shown to a Sydney court revealed details of the crucial conversation which led police to the true identity of 'oz4skinboi'.

Members are automatically expelled when they are convicted of serious criminal offences.

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