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For some, it may be a daunting task, but for us it’s just another day at the office.Right from the start, we have decide to hire only the best escorts we could find.Smell Dating sends users a t-shirt in the mail and instructs them to wear it for three days, send it back and they will receive 10 other shirts from other daters – all for just .

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Ever since our agency was born, we have strived for excellence and continued improvement of our services.

Booking with us is safe and brings you a multitude of advantages.

The only thing they will as of their clients is that they skip deodorant, perfume and showering for the 72 hours, as it masks a person's natural odor The idea is based on the so-called smelly T-shirt experiment in which Swiss scientists Claus Wedekind studied the DNA of a group of students to look at their histocompatibility genes, The Guardian reports.

If the owner of that shirt also picks yours, Smell Dating will send you both each other's phone numbers and communication can began.

This way, you can keep your freedom while also enjoying a wonderful night and keeping your loved ones happy.

Additionally, the escorts in our line-up are among the most free-spirited and open minded girls in the city.

Pleasure doesn’t even begin to describe what one could feel, if the conditions are right.

If you cannot decide, our agency can help you find the perfect girl.

Would you like to see the best restaurants or bars with an escort in London?

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