International dating and marriage tour agencies i fail at dating

This blog is focused on further dispelling common notions surrounding international marriages based upon data provided to me by Rapid Visa, a company that provides online processing for fiancé and spousal visa applications, as well as change of status applications for green card holders.

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Do not send her any money, offer to buy her a ticket instead. Even if she writes to you that an airline ticket would cost two or three times less in Russia (which is questionable) , do not send her the money! Most likely you are being set up for a "visa and tickets scam" when a bride asks you for money to pay for her tickets and visa and then disappears once she gets it. Ask her to provide more details on the University that she is going to come to study at, and then contact that University.

We suggest you check with your country's Embassy to see how easy it would be for her to get a tourist visa to your country. If they have some kind of a student exchange program in place, they will be happy to tell you about it.

Online dating also offers you a much bigger geographic pool of candidates for your heart, erasing borders and cultural differences.

Go To Russia Travel is not a match-making agency but we enjoy giving a helping hand in international love connections by providing reliable and affordable travel services to our clients.

However, over 8% of applicants earn under the federal poverty guideline for a two person household and many of these people must utilize a financial co-signer in order to sponsor spousal or fiancé visas.

For retired sponsors that do not earn a steady income, their assets may be leveraged to meet the income guidelines.Thus, many of our stereotypes regarding international relationships are wrong, especially when considering the economic situation of the majority of Americans filing petitions for spousal and fiancé visas.“Angelika Minsk” is the international marriage agency.However, Belarusian girls are not only physically attractive: most of our ladies are well-educated, they speak foreign languages and achieve success in professional life but at the same time remain faithful to the traditional values, they are devoted to their families and their children. We help to get acquainted with the ladies personally, in the real life. What if you don’t want to waste your time organizing the trip?Our office is situated in the center of Minsk and the first meeting with a lady takes place in our agency. We will be glad to make all the necessary arrangements for you: invitation letter for the visa, transfer from the airport, a comfortable apartment for rent in the city center What are the necessary conditions to use our service?In comparison, the second most popular country is China, which only accounts for approximately 4.5% of all applications. However, the people that typically utilize Rapid Visa services are more working and middle class than elite, with 50% of applicants earning between ,000 and ,000 annually.

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