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As Baz unloaded about how badly she felt she’d been treated by Biggs, Mollen drew closer to her. “My ultimate goal was for her to like me more than him,” she says. “Really, my message to women everywhere is to indulge your inner sociopath,” Mollen concludes.

She’s certainly been indulging her inner madwoman on social media, quickly luring more than 100,000 Twitter followers despite a resume of blink-and-you’ll-miss-her roles.

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“They were impressed that we would show solidarity and come at a time like this to see their country.” He spent the rest of his 12-day trip doing touristy things like snorkeling in Eilat, visiting Hebrew University and learning a smattering of Hebrew.

He was amused to learn that the Israeli Domino’s Pizza was giving away promotional copies of the Hebrew-language American Pie video.

When she flew off to Israel in June to visit her brother, a Hebrew University of Jerusalem exchange student, Biggs tagged along.

“I was definitely concerned about the political situation,” he confides, “but I’ve always wanted to see Israel.” Hours after he flew into Lod airport, Biggs was walking in Tel Aviv when he heard a loud explosion.

-- Another post revealed Mollen’s insecurity: It featured a picture of a dozen magazines on a bookstore shelf all folded open to a recent Cosmo article on her.

Naturally, she has an easy explanation for who she is: “The less you care the easier things get,” she says.

His big break, at age 13, was playing Judd Hirsch’s son in the Broadway run of “Conversations With My Father.” In 1997, TV mogul Steven Bochco cast him as Robby Rosenfeld in the series “Total Security.” In American Pie 2, Biggs’ character, Jim, gets a Jewish surname, Levenstein.

“Yet again, I am playing a Jew,” quips Biggs, who comes across as exuberant and personable.

He drives.” -- “Sometimes I love my husband like when we first met.

Other times I love him like before we first met when I was single & didn’t have to b— him.” -- “Motherhood” (accompanied by a picture of Mollen’s naked breast engorged from nursing).

The doorbell rings and there’s Mollen in a sexy bra and panties and Biggs in the bedroom with a bottle of Dom Perignon and three glasses — and a professional massage therapist protesting that she’s prepared only to manipulate muscles, not genitals. In another frolic, she convinced Biggs to come on to a close female friend in the passenger seat while she hid in the back of the car under a blanket.

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