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The two concentrated on recording, raising the quality of their music.Their efforts resulted in a second album, Off the Lock, released on .Their music was very much a product of its times, with synthesizers and samplers sharing equal time with Matsumoto's guitar, producing an experimental sound, very different from their well-known hard rock sound of today.

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known for their energetic hard-rock tracks and pop ballads.

B'z is one of the best-selling music artists in the world and the best-selling in their native Japan, having released 46 consecutive No. 1 albums and sold more than 100 million records worldwide.

Tak Matsumoto, guitarist in Tetsuya Komuro's TM Network, had been extremely busy with various recording sessions and live performances.

On , Matsumoto released his first solo album, Thousand Wave.

For promotion, B'z also embarked on their "In the Life '91–'92" tour, with 66 performances in total.

The tour started in December and managed to flow into the next year.

Their first music video, Film Risky, was recorded in New York City and London within 4 weeks, and was released on 16 December.

With a barrage of releases, 1990 came to be the busiest year for B'z. Little promotion was done for it and after releasing only two singles, B'z released their fifth album, In the Life, on 27 November.

In the early 1993, the "Run" tour concluded after 49 performances in 21 locations.

In the following year, they held an open-air concert for the first time, called "Jap the Ripper".

The release of the album marked B'z shying away from their advanced digital sounds and more towards rock.

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