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With the introduction of agriculture, social classes started to evolve, and parts of the country began to unite under powerful land owners.

From this point onwards, emperors follow traditional dates which are more or less reliable.

The era of the Fujiwara Clan starts and lasts until the rise of the samurai military class in the eleventh century.

(Additional information from External Link: ) Rice culture was imported into Japan around 200-100 BC by farmers who migrated from the Korean peninsula, although some experts believe the influx may have begun up to seven hundred years earlier.

These newcomers also introduced the language from which all modern dialects of Japanese appear to descend, replacing any language possessed by the earlier populations of hunter-gatherers (see the Legendary Period, below, for a more detailed examination of Japanese language origins).

The Yayoi Period also witnessed the introduction of iron and other modern ideas from Korea into Japan.

As with the preceding period, it is Yayoi pottery that gives the period its name.

The dates for the first twenty-eight emperors are based on the Japanese calendar system.

Today there are around 127 million Japanese speakers worldwide, with a vocabulary that has been strongly influenced by Chinese during the fifteen hundred years between the legendary period and the modern day.

(Additional information from External Links: Fasttranslator, and Japan: The Official Guide.) Commonly known as the tomb of Emperor Nintoku, the keyhole-shaped creation is one of the three largest tombs in the world.


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