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I am not only enjoying studying through interactive mode but also develop interest in Chemistry and Physics. It has helped me in every step to solve my doubts, solve many types of problems, it has made the concept easy to understand.

I love attending the Online Interactive classes by the Ask IITians .

The Faculties help me to prepare me in the right direction.

If you are interested in attending, please sign up below to be notified when registration for the 2018 summit officially opens.

Hosted at notable universities throughout the city, the 2017 Under 30 Summit delivered 5 dedicated programming tracks.

I appreciate the concern which Ask IItians have for the student’s preparation.

I got to know about the askiitians about one of my friend .

I am blessed to study with the Faculties which not only makes the doubt clear but also helped me to encourage for Olympiad examination I am preparing for the IIT -JEE with Askiitians.

It maintains a well managed and balanced study plan.

As the UAE touts its claims of freedom and progress, it continues to hinder one of the basic rights that we all have as humans – our freedom to speak.

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