My husband was dating a stripper dating a single mom forum

I later found out that in addition to dancing, she would “walk the bar” and let the guys feel her for tips. I have never seen any of the guys, and I get precious few details, though she does inform me of every day’s count, which is how I know.

Much later I found out that she took “special” guys into the men’s rooms and did them right there. However the fact that she now has a boyfriend and that they don’t fuck anymore, they make love, as she says turns me on even more.

'You take the blindfold off, congratulate her and go.

Do you mean he was actually in your pussy most of the time”? But yes, and he is the best lover I have ever had”.

This from a woman who has had sex with thousands of men and women.

Many years ago we stopped swinging so much and it became more of a cuckold relationship.

However I do have a few females I do see and She does not object, though She must meet them and approve of them.

Back in the 70’s no one knew the term “cuckold” but we got into the swing scene and had alot of fun. She expressed a desire for black men almost from the beginning and she has had hundreds.

The guys loved her and when we moved to another state, they actually threw big parties for her at some of the places where she danced. However I can report that in the past 8 months she has done almost 400 guys. She also now has a boyfriend and also a possible dom male in one of the cities she visits.I would tell him how I would fuck them and suck them off.We imagined one or sometimes several hard studs with big fat cocks banging me violently, and him watching us.She is a very intelligent woman who needs and gets cock - lots of cock, much it very young cock and much of it very big cock. I am home handling her affairs and taking care of our home.I have a lady or two I see as well for soft domination. She shares her deepest secrets with me about their relationship.I will write from time to time and I would like to hear from others in long term cuckold relationships and those whose wife is prostitute.

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