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Rather, Asurion works with three of the big four US carriers (and numerous others) as their officially endorsed subscriber phone insurance provider.As such, cost, deductibles, and coverage vary by which carrier you're with to a significant degree, though most of the terms are generally consistent.(I am not endorsing insurance fraud.) Finally, there's the simple extended warranty plan.

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So if your display goes kaput a month after your warranty expires, that's not covered.

If you mysteriously lose your phone after the display goes kaput, though...

Yes, if insects, rodents, or "other vermin" damage your phone, that's not covered. If you submit a claim for a lost or stolen phone, Asurion may require (TOS varies per carrier) that you file a police report, obtain a copy or case number, the police station's phone number, and the name and badge number of the officer who took the report.

Asurion may not ever request you to submit the report or this information to them, but make no mistake: you may be required to do it under the terms of the policy.

Then there's Wireless Phone Protection (WPP), it starts at about $5 a month.

It has all the benefits of the TEC plan, except that it does not include phone malfunctions (post warranty expiration).But let's get to the fine print, because that's where things get interesting.Other more obvious reasons for denial of claims include problems that are covered under the existing manufacturer's warranty, damage caused attempting to repair or modify a device, or vermin.This is a significant advantage over the Verizon / AT&T plans if you're particularly likely to break or lose your phone, though you're obviously paying for it - the monthly premium is nearly double that of AT&T's.Otherwise, this plan is just like AT&T and Verizon's, and offers the same level of coverage for the same loss situations.AT&T Mobile Insurance is .99 per month with the "insurance only" option, and covers the same loss incidents as every other Asurion plan (accidental damage, loss, theft, and post-warranty mechanical breakdown).

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