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I feel that my level of LA is much higher than Cuban, the instructors of the latter were awful and male/female ratio wasn't that good, so I'm looking for a new place to dance and game.

The downside of the Casino is that some of the places are full of white knight geeks that like to dance Rueda and cock block each other.

Music is better, girls are classier and more sensual, etc. I like the movements of all three styles and the music, but don't know what's the difference between linear and Cuban style music. I can't keep up with all the styles, it consumes too much time.

Salsa is much more common and dominant in club however, so you need to look around your scene and see which is more practical. Bachata is the easiest form in my opinion, there is a little more room for mistake and the spins are easier.

There's really only two questions that you have to answer for yourself: 1. In Cuba, salsa and casino are viewed as two separate things.

You either know how to dance salsa or casino or both.

I suggest you learn salsa first after you learn bachata and afterwards learn casino.

I used to only dance salsa, now I dance only bachata.

Music is better, girls are classier and more sensual, etc. Learn to dance everything and be versatile is the best advice I can give you.I've finished Linear Salsa(LA) basic course, but then participated in some Cuban Salsa(Casino) classes for another two months.Cuban and LA are equally prevalent in my country, every Latin music club has both styles every week, many of them have also Bachata.Another option is Bachata, better male/female ratio, women with better asses, more sensual, fun to dance.But I think it awkward to be a good Bachata dancer and a beginner level of Salsa.I read some threads about Salsa and other dance styles, but still have second thoughts.

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