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Was this the genesis of the environmental movement? And because it might not be immediately apparent to everyone, I'll point out that photographs 19, 20, and 22 are in color.

Then for the rest of the Mission we listened to Radio & watched TV continuously. Billy Mac I was born in 1967 and I'm still remembering these days (I saw it on TV) It seems to me as it was yesterday. Thank you for posting these fantastic photos and a special thank you for posting one of Dr. Most if not all of those associated with the US Space Program feel that if we didn't have von Braun's expertise, not only is it likely that we wouldn't have made the moon when we did but our space program would have paled in comparison to the Russians.

I had just graduated from High School one month earlier in Albany, Georgia. My friends and I even forgot about Vietnam, Segregation, and Nixon for those few, short Wonderful days... Do we have lost our dreams and do we know after the wonderfull experience that we've just to believe. She recalls I was out in the yard with a young nephew pointing at the moon and explaining to him that people were landing there. PK, in 1969 we were dealing with equally serious matters: Vietnam War, cultural clashes, civil rights, assassinations, etc.

These pics have to be photoshopped, this never happened J/K....great walk down memory lane.

I can remember eagerly awaiting my little silver and burgundy kit from NASA every month that let me build these components (like the LM) in parallel w/ the exciting program that NASA was running. I share your frustration at how little political progress we have made since then.

These Incredible pictures bring all kinds of memories back for me! You could literally "Feel" the launch on the beach, and the roar of the rockets was loud, even 20 some odd miles away.

It lit up the sky for at least 10 minutes after launch.

That was over 12 years ago, and I vividly remember the goosebumps on my forearms and my rapidly beating heart as I leafed through the fifth novel of the Hatty Potter series (one that I would read many more times in the following years).

The sun had long made its appearance when I finally put the heavy hardback down the next morning, not in the least bit tired of not having slept, but instead exhilarated and already excited about the next book.

But we have made a lot of social progress, and the trip to the moon was certainly not a waste of time and energy.


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