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Rancho Santa Fe residents Iris and Matthew Strauss hold a great deal of respect for the doctors at Moores Cancer Center at UC San Diego Health.When their daughter’s cancer reappeared, it was the first place they turned for help.“The Sunstate Foundation is pleased to be able to support Nick Wallace and Nick’s Picks....

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“I’m the fundraising guy,” said Littlejohn, who joined Sharp in 2002 as senior vice president and CEO...

Over the weekend of Oct.21 and 22, millions of members of the Baha’i religion around the world will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Baha’u’llah, a Persian nobleman and the founder of the faith, who is considered a prophet by the Baha’is.

For the fourth straight year, The George & Betty Harbaugh Charitable Foundation is sponsoring the Patriots’ Outpost, a private chalet at the 13th hole, where...

The San Diego Foundation recently announced that Del Mar resident Mel Katz and Rancho Santa Fe resident Cliff Schireson have joined the Board of Governors, both starting two-year terms that began Dec. Scholar, author and syndicated columnist Victor Davis Hanson will speak at the Fairbanks Ranch Country Club on Thursday, Jan.

For a game that is supposed to be fun, a golf driving range can be an awfully serious place. It seems like people working on their swings don’t want to be bothered by pleasantries.

Often, the only chatter you hear is the occasional whispered expletive. Torrey Pines High School senior Sophia Le Rose is hosting Sweat for the Cure, a cardio boot camp at Torrey Pines’ Ed Burke Stadium on Saturday, Feb. The hour-long boot camp will be led by local fitness instructors Cindy Whitmarsh and Lisa Stettner. Del Mar-based Nick’s Picks was very honored to have been chosen to receive a Sunstate Equipment Foundation Grant to continue its work providing fun-filled backpacks to children living in hospital isolation.Keynote speaker was Nathaniel Crosby, talking about his recently released book, “18 Holes with Bing; Golf, Life, and Lessons...On an upcoming cruise to New Zealand and Australia, Rancho Santa Fe resident Reed Kaestner will bring together three of his passions: travel, photography and teaching.25, delivering a talk on what he sees as the ails facing the state of California and how to fix the problems.The talk, titled "Making California Golden Again," is sponsored...But in the summer and fall of last year, there were suddenly times he would find himself feeling short of breath. The Rancho Santa Fe Association is considering discontinuing member charging privileges at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe in an attempt to curb lost revenue and lost staff time. 15 board meeting, Association Controller Matthew Ditonto discussed the reasons behind the proposal. It was a hometown victory for Del Mar during the Breeders’ Cup World Thoroughbred Championships on Nov.


  1. What does Sesshoumaru's cousin have hidden up her sleeve for the two? Rin wants a mother to care for her but she doesn't like the women her father sometimes brings home. Thumbs up My first Sailor Moon/Inu Yasha Xover Inuyasha Hellsing crossover. A being such as him, a being as tainted as him did not deserve to be in her company. Kagome's kekkei genkai had never reacted to anyone so strongly before, but she was positive, without a shadow of a doubt, that that Suna boy wanted to eat her. Many ask the question, 'Where did the Goshinboku come from' Only one knows the answer so listen as she tells the story and lets the world know, 'It started with a miko and a kitsune... There she meets Hiei and is reintroduced into a open minded Sesshoumaru.

  2. This ban was ultimately overturned by the Indiana Supreme Court and led to White’s resignation.

  3. He has been a phenomenal actor and his amazing work in TV shows and movies has won millions of hearts all over the world.

  4. Some maps are older than others and might not represent some of the changes which have occurred since their publish, but they are still interesting to examine, especially relative to one’s own location…

  5. Whether it's because of their perceived kiddyness, So Bad, It's Good voice acting, characters wearing funny costumes, flimsy translation, Limited Animation, or just low production values when it came to the script, video games tend to have more badly executed drama than you can shake a joystick at. I know what you're thinking, but Tempest Keep was merely a setback.

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