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A debate that gawks at the cultural landscape and plucks out the one who stands alone: the debate about who is the Being the BRA is sort of like being the MVP—even though rap doesn’t follow a rigid cultural calendar quite like major sports seasons—because it only requires looking at the current crop of active artists and picking a winner.You can confidently declare the Best Rapper Alive in any given year without having to consider previous decades, the same way you can say Le Bron is an MVP even though you’ve never seen Jerry West play. Some came out the gate with next-level rhymes that had everyone running back to the lab; for others it was a culmination of their gifts that coalesced for one great year. But one thing we know for sure, it’s more about a general feeling among fans rather than any discernible facts. It’s all just opinion anyway.) When a rapper steps in front of a microphone, and everyone in hip-hop has no choice but to look their way and give props, well then, they just might be the Best Rapper Alive.

Having Cardi B by his side might have made Offset feel better about seeing his hometown Atlanta Falcons lose by blowing a 28-3 lead.

The Migos member's wallet also suffered from the loss since Offset bet $50,000 on the Falcons.$10,000 went to Blac Youngsta, who bet on the Patriots.

Offset live-streamed a video of the two sitting next to each other inside NRG Stadium, which you can see above.

The rumored couple was also pictured exiting the stadium after the Patriots' historic comeback victory.

Rap fans tend to get into arguments with other rap fans, and it doesn't take much more than someone declaring their Favorite Rapper.

Your favorite rapper is a personal preference, one that requires the most subjective defenses.

Of course in hip-hop, being the best is intrinsically about being BIG.

And being at best, so if your prime coincides with someone else’s, well, hey, there’s always next year.

It’s still important to consider that the Best Rapper Alive debate is different from the GOAT conversation.


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