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EAST LANSING (MI) CNN January 30, 2018 By Eric Levenson (CNN)The legal reckoning with Larry Nassar's years of sexual abuse isn't over.

Nassar, the longtime former team doctor for USA Gymnastics and faculty member at Michigan State University, will return to court Wednesday morning for sentencing in Eaton County, Michigan, where he has pleaded guilty to three counts of criminal sexual conduct.

Another officer allegedly 'jammed' his knee to Bennett's back 'forcefully,' limiting his ability to breath.

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In a note addressed 'Dear World,' Bennett claimed police picked him out of a crowd that was running away from the sound of gunshots.

Ultimately, he explained, those officers threatened to 'blow my f****** head off.'Video has since emerged showing Bennett being handcuffed on the ground by Las Vegas Metro Police as he pleads his innocence following last month's Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Conor Mc Gregor fight.

Mc Mahill acknowledged that Bennett was not armed and confirmed that officers did indeed draw their weapons on Bennett.'With very little information as to who the shooter was or the shooter's location our officers pushed past the fleeing crowds and began immediately converging on the reported threat,' Mc Mahill explained.

'One of the teams that cleared the casino then exited the door to regroup and were re-directed back towards the Drai's Nightclub inside the casino.

'It sucks that the country we live in now sometimes you get profiled for the color of your skin.

Reblogged By: De De Tillman; International Celebrity Blogger Source: Media: Posted: Tuesday September 10, 2013 @ p.m PST Maja Salvador is not the type who attracts controversy because of her strongly-worded comments.

According to Bennett, he was returning to his hotel from T-Mobile Arena with 'several hundred' other people, when everyone heard what sounded like gunshots.


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