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Mark Olver, a forensic psychologist with the University of Saskatchewan who specializes in sexual violence risk assessment and treatment.

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Over the last 10 to 15 years, there’s been an increase in the numbers of people charged with online child sex crimes, but direct child sexual abuse cases have actually been declining over the same time period, Seto says.

It’s unclear whether there is a correlation between the decrease in child sexual assaults and the ability to view child porn online, he adds.

His current treatment approach uses cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) — teaching pedophiles more effective ways of coping with their thoughts and feelings.“(They’re) going to have those thoughts and feelings, that’s understandable given that (they) have that attraction, but let’s not let it snowball into ruminating about it, trying to set up situations where you might offend,” Seto says.

Treatment also involves gaining insight into offending, says Dr.

It’s easier to treat non-exclusive pedophiles because you can focus their attention on age-appropriate relationships, Seto explains.

Treating exclusive pedophiles who don’t have any other sexual interests is a greater challenge. Call us at 800-636-1067, text us at 800-636-1067, tweet us @1067the Fan or email us.Dave Feick walks around the top floor of a converted duplex in Saskatoon’s Pleasant Hill neighbourhood, pointing to a small, empty meeting room.The circles gather once a week, sometimes in a coffee shop, church or the Micah Mission’s humble, sparsely-decorated meeting room, where, on a sunny day in July, Feick chatted with Co SA volunteer Randy Klassen. The support group is 75 per cent to 80 per cent effective at keeping members from reoffending, according to Feick.They say the circle discussions are serious and pointed, but often informal. In his five years with the Micah Mission, he says he’s only known one man to reoffend.TREATMENT Pedophilia is on a spectrum — ranging from pedophiles who are only sexually attracted to children to non-exclusive pedophiles who are sexually attracted to both adults and children.

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