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Amelia, 33, said: 'My partner has been working in America for the past six months, and we've been communicating by Skype.

Les habitués de la messagerie instantanée Messenger ont été informés en avril 2013 que désormais Microsoft le remplacera par le populaire Skype.

Toutefois, pour que cette fenêtre d’assistance puisse s’ouvrir correctement, vous devez permettre l’ouverture des fenêtres contextuelles sur votre navigateur et il faut aussi que vos plug-ins ne soient pas activés.

or those of you who already know me, welcome back to my personal purple pixellated piece of paradise.

You bring up the dialer, toggle the switch marked “Translate,” and then select the languages.

When the person on the other side picks up, they’ll be played a message telling them the call is being recorded and translated.Skype is expanding the availability of its real-time translation feature, integrating the tool with calls made to mobile phones and landlines.Previously, the translation feature, which began rolling out to users back in 2014, only worked for Skype-to-Skype calls.So the more one partner moves their wand, the more the other partner's will vibrate.One couple forced to spend six months apart due to work commitments say the Mojowijo has transformed their relationship.The rest of the call will take place with short delays waiting for the conversation to be translated.


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