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Somalia’s armed conflict, abuses by all warring parties, and a new humanitarian crisis continue to take a devastating toll on civilians.

On several occasions, intelligence agents tortured and ill-treated alleged terrorism suspects to extract confessions or provide information.

Military courts continue to try a broad range of cases, including for terrorism-related offenses, in proceedings falling far short of international fair trial standards.

Abuses by Government and Allied Forces Security forces unlawfully killed and wounded civilians during infighting over land, control of roadblocks, disarmament operations, and aid distribution.

On June 9, at least 13 civilians were killed and 20 injured when fighting broke out between government forces at an aid distribution site in Baidoa.

The same month, a 29-year-old woman living in a camp for displaced communities in north Galkayo reported to the police that she was raped at gunpoint by a man wearing a military uniform, but no action was taken, GECPD said.

In the third case, four women were abducted from a settlement in Galkayo in January by eight armed men - some of whom they identified as local policemen - and two were raped, the campaign group said.

The year saw little progress in holding security forces to account for attacks on journalists and arbitrary detentions, or improving protection for the internally displaced populations.

Positively, the government took steps to establish a national human rights commission.

In December, a 16-year-old girl with mental disabilities was gang-raped by four men suspected to be from the Puntland Maritime Police Forces in the coastal town of Garacad, it said.

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