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There is an entire industry built around dating apps: books, guides, courses, tutorials and blogs that teach people how to best use dating services and how to make the most popular profile.

Furthermore, people don’t use just one app, but rather have profiles on multiple apps at the same time and are active on all of them.

Also, people here are always open for something new and actively look for new dating apps.

Maybe she needs help, I don’t know.” When the 42-year-old late-night host pressed Shelton about his familiarity with Stefani’s song catalog prior to their romance, the Oklahoma native admitted that he didn’t know his girlfriend was responsible for some pretty big hits. ’” Despite not knowing much of Stefani’s discography, Shelton asked the pop star to collaborate on his track “Go Ahead and Break My Heart,” from his 2016 album If I’m Honest. "I think that when you go through what I went through, or what I’m still going through, you think you’re hopeless.

“I didn’t think I knew much of her music until I, until you go to one of her shows, and I remember — this has been like a month ago — she flew into Oklahoma and I was driving to pick her up at the airport,” Shelton recounted to the SNL alum. When Shelton stopped by the Today show on Thursday, he explained that he wrote the tune in an effort to woo the L. You don’t know what’s going to happen,” she told the website. It was a really super-unexpected gift to find a friend, somebody who happened to be going through the exact same thing as me, literally mirroring my experience.

It turns out that our perception is much more accurate if we listen to a person’s voice rather than look at their photo or even their video.

As one of the main complaints of users of dating apps is inaccuracy in profiles, we got the idea that voice could serve as that deciding factor, which would enable users to quickly gain better insight into the personality of their potential match.

Another thing we hear from a certain number of people is that they don’t like their voice, which is why they are reluctant to use the app.

We remind them that in a situation when they are speaking to someone over the phone or in person, they don’t even think about their voice, that most people don’t like their voice and that there is no cause for concern.

The more we read and researched the subject of voice, we found more and more confirmation that we had a good idea.


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