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It took a while as I am used to BIG tires and slower speeds.

To apply and/or for additional details, visit the WCFC 2018 website shown below.

Date: Apr 20-22 of 2018 Location: Madera, CA (KMAE) Website: If you have any questions, please contact me or any of the POCs shown on our web site. Thank you, Axel and the West Coast Formation Clinic Management Team Sorry for the somewhat late notice, been busy with the new project.

I didn't finish my roast, but I did finish the chocolate pie.

Back to the airport and some of the clearest blue skies we've had around these parts in a good while. Rich Gurr RV-10 Well after four years and four months, two house moves, two Grand kids, a bunch of everything else in life, and toss in a hurricane, I still pulled it off.

I read through the past discussions on this topic and i really helped a lot.

Jumped in the 7 and did at least 50 landings this past weekend.

I think I read once in the forums that there are a couple of Space X employees building RVs. I've wanted to add a short update on our Penny Pie for some time now, but I'm still trying to nail down a new photo hosting source.

On the small chance they are reading this, congrats! ;^) The car was a nice touch in lieu of a block of test flight ballast made of concrete. Short story is she is doing GREAT and better than ever expected by her Dr.

Plenty of warning lights on the dash kept us entertained on the 2-mile drive to the Whistle Stop Cafe, and its homemade pies.

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