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Your “inbox” in i Phone Mail application suddenly disappeared.

New emails still download, but you cannot see them.

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The main Bradford Council website has been updated with the crest and new colour scheme. But some online systems will take longer as our web team will be working with various third parties to get our logo and colours updated.

All in all, our web team has identified 120 online systems that need updating.

The shield includes two bugle horns, a fleece, a fountain and eleven Yorkshire roses.

Three more Yorkshire roses are set on each of the collars worn by the stag and the angora goat.

I have however heard that fix #2 below has worked for others, but I have not used this method to resolve this issue, since #1 has always worked for me.

If any of the two fixes resolved your missing inbox frustration on i Phone, let others with same issue know by leaving your feedback in the comments section below.

You might have noticed over the past few weeks that we have updated our Council logo.

The logo we are now using is based on our civic crest, originally granted in 1976.

Two buglehorns refer to the historical annual custom of blowing the horn on St. The eleven white Yorkshire roses round the edge of the shield are a reference to the eleven smaller town councils which came together to form the Bradford district.

For anyone who enjoys colouring in, you might like to download our outline version of the crest for colouring, filled with a wealth of heraldic shapes and flourishes.

Some people have experienced this problem after an IOS update on their i Phone.


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