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Over the years, the group has received the Presidential Unit Citation streamer, Navy Unit Commendation with two bronze stars, meritorious unit commendation streamer with two bronze stars, national defense streamer with two bronze stars, armed forces expeditionary streamer, Southwest Asia service streamer with three bronze stars, Afghanistan campaign streamer with one bronze star, Iraq campaign streamer with four bronze stars, and the global war on terrorism expeditionary streamer.“I’m humbled by the opportunity to participate in this ceremony, and I’m also honored by the Marines that have preceded us,” said Vandaveer.Still, I’m not too concerned that overvaluing my daughter’s playground stunts or grades on worksheets will result in self-centeredness.

Finishing dinner is not a sport--the child should eat until full.

Rewarding them for ignoring their physical sensation of fullness is asking for all sorts of trouble.

In fact that term has been bandied around so much in the recent news that I’m unsure what people even mean by it.

One of the researchers in the recent study on praise and narcissism himself claims that “people with high self-esteem think they’re as good as others, whereas narcissists think they’re better than others (Reuters, 2015).” From a clinical perspective, thinking you’re better than others is hardly the definition of narcissism. But no matter the word choice, we can agree that we don’t want our kids to remain egocentric past the time when it’s developmentally appropriate, nor do we want them to be selfish.

“While the rededication of the unit’s battle streamers centers on 38’s past achievements, this ceremony is all about the Marines – all of the Marines that were a part, that are a part and will be a part of this control group,” said Vandaveer. Jeff Vandaveer, commanding officer of MACG-38, recognized the group’s 50th anniversary and rededicated its battle colors, commending past achievements and looking forward to future accomplishments.

Jeff Vandaveer, commanding officer of Marine Air Control Group (MACG) 38, salutes the American flag and MACG-38’s battle colors after completing a battle colors rededication ceremony at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Calif., Sept. During the ceremony, Vandaveer recognized the group’s 50th anniversary and rededicated its battle colors, commending past achievements and looking forward to future accomplishments.

Last weekend my friend’s 4-year-old yelled repeatedly, “Mom! “Do you ever tell your kids you’re not impressed when they do unimpressive things? My friend, who’s a teacher and thus hip to the praise-for-ability-versus-praise-for-hard-work debate, explained, “Sometimes I say ‘I saw you do that’ or ‘You did that’ without exclamation.” I thought that was a smart response, attuned to the wisdom of play therapists who are successful in large part because they validate children, let them know they’re seen, and acknowledge what they’re trying to communicate.

In the wake of such an unimpressive feat, I couldn’t help but recall the current buzz about praise and narcissism.

My hope has been that she’d make accurate self-evaluations rather than inflated ones, and that I could deliver praise when she’d really earned it, making it more meaningful.


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