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Kyu In dan Ho Jung saling mengenal satu sama lain sejak mereka kecil dan selalu bertengkar layaknya kakak dan adik.

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Especially KSW and SJS, who are two of my favorite actors. They will make up only for the last 5 seconds of the drama.

We Are Dating Now adalah serial televisi Korea Selatan tahun 2002 yang dibintangi oleh Chae Rim dan So Ji-sub.

Serial televisi ini disiarkan di SBS dari tanggal 16 Januari hingga tanggal 7 Maret 2002 pada hari Rabu dan Kamis pada pukul untuk 16 episode. Ho Jung (Chae Lim) seorang gadis tipikal abad 20-an yang malas belajar dan mudah jatuh cinta dengan laki-laki. Ho Jae (Kwon Sang Woo) adalah adik laki-laki Ho Jung.

Ho Jae seorang playboy dan memikat cewek dengan wajah tampannya dan tubuhnya yang bagus.

Their friends, Soo-ji and Ho-jae, met stiff opposition from their parents since their youth when they developed relations.

When Ho-jae was about to be enrolled into the army, Soo-ji ran away from home for a day, even forgetting to put on her shoes.

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This prompted Ho-jae to remove his shoes and lend it to Soo-ji, suffering the cold winter road until they reach a shoe retail shop where he bought a new pair of black shoes for Soo-ji.

At night, when they slept in a hotel, Soo-ji promised that she would send him 1000 letters, daily, during his entire term in the army, by presenting a red card with the number "1000" drawn on a red heart.

See full summary » Lee Soo-jung is a travel agent who is seeking her good luck in Bali after a harsh and unforgiving childhood.

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