Who is niki taylor dating

Nicky fascinated by the Middle Ages: it was able to sing the legend Percival on Old French!Her next movie was ' Le comte de Monte-Cristo' with Depardieu.It might be the main reason behind their personal dispute with each other.”We don’t have further information about their alleged divorce, but we will inform you people as soon as we get hold of anything new.

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In October, it launched a new movie in Bulgaria with Christopher Lambert and directed Dzhakkvesom Dorfman, it has a leading role in this movie.

This year, Nike is chosen as the leading judge of the Italian Music Festival San Remo (21/26 February).

Big surprise for Nicky was in early July 1997: she dyed her hair auburn for the needs of commercial. In October 1997, Nicky won the beauty contest in Paris.

In 1998, Nike became the face of Lancome worldwide. In the spring, Niki appeared in the film in Argentina, directed by Javier Torr.

But the main event for Nike in 1996 - a 3-year contract with Lancome: Nicky - the new face of Tresor, famous perfume in following for Isabella Rossellini.

This contract allows Nike to organize her life as she wants, although she received many proposals for the role after the film ' Beyond the clouds'.

A reliable source revealed that the much in love couple, who got married to each other back in 2006, was having misunderstandings between them.

“Niki and Burney are having, most probably, the roughest time in their nine year old marriage. But I don’t know what has gone wrong all of sudden. They argue and fight all the time and the children are really worried,” revealed the source.

Taylor and her present husband Burney got engaged in October 2006. The couple exchanged wedding vows on December 27, 2006.

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